Sunday, March 12, 2017

THIS IS HUGE: 9 Biggest Problems With TRUMPCARE As It Stands Now

Jim Lo Scalzo - Pool/Getty Images
The Obamacare replacement plan, which is clearly President Donald Trump's bill, is a dumpster fire because it repeals very little of Obamacare. Conservatives are livid about it, but that won't stop Trump from attempting to ram it through Congress as is.
Here are the nine biggest problems with Trumpcare.
1. It leaves the pre-existing conditions mandate in place while repealing the individual and employer mandates. As bad as those mandates are, they are the funding mechanisms for insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions. With those funding mechanisms gone, premiums will skyrocket even further ...
2. Seniors will be adversely affected by the changes listed above. Erick Erickson explains in The Resurgent how Trumpcare is essentially "a death panel for senior citizens": ...
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