Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ted Cruz Pushes Obamacare Repeal Gambit That Could Roil the Senate

Ted Cruz is pushing a novel strategy to blow up Obamacare, but it just might blow up the Senate too.
The Texas senator is unhappy with what many conservatives consider a half-baked repeal-and-replace effort racing through the House, a plan that GOP House leaders say was narrowed to meet Senate rules. Cruz’s answer: lean on Vice President Mike Pence’s gavel to dodge those procedural limits and broaden the legislation’s scope.
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
It’s not at all clear whether Cruz’s colleagues will go along. The move relies on a radical interpretation of the vice president’s constitutional role as presiding officer of the Senate, where he could step in and effectively overrule the chamber’s parliamentarian. It would resemble the so-called nuclear option of ending filibusters and risk fundamentally altering the way Congress works. --->
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