Monday, March 20, 2017

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mark Meadows Discussed GOP Health Plan with Trump Officials at Mar-a-Lago Saturday

Texas senator Ted Cruz, one of the leading critics of the congressional GOP's health reform plan, revealed Sunday that he and two of his colleagues met White House officials at Mar-a-Lago this weekend to discuss changes to the American Health Care Act.
During an interview with Face the Nation, Cruz reiterated his opposition to the legislation in its present form, before adding that he was still working with Sen. Mike Lee, House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows, and members of the administration to alter the package.
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"I am spending night and day meeting with House members, meeting with senators, meeting with the administration. Just yesterday, I spent three hours at Mar-a-Lago with Mike Lee and with Mark Meadows negotiating with the president's team, trying to fix this bill," Cruz said. When asked if President Trump "got" his concerns, he only added that the two of them have had "multiple conversations."
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