Wednesday, March 8, 2017

So, the timing of these Trump/Russia leaks is pretty suspicious, huh?

“[I]s it really just pure coincidence that the Sessions story broke just after Trump delivered a widely acclaimed address to Congress?” writes Marc Thiessen in a column today at WaPo. Jay Cost had the same thought this weekend. The collection of information on Trump aides’ contacts with Russians may not be suspicious, Cost argued, as there may be good reason for the FBI to have found the extent of their communications unusual. But the dispersion of that information to that press, coinciding as it has with moments of good press for Trump, seems dodgy.
And it's also been pretty clear that the timing of the leaks of these intelligence-gathering efforts have been politically motivated, right?
— Jay Cost (@JayCostTWS) March 5, 2017
It's not a coincidence that some big stories came right before the inaugural and right after his pseudo-SOTU, right?
— Jay Cost (@JayCostTWS) March 5, 2017
Erick Erickson wrote up a timeline this morning attempting to correlate big moments for Trump — becoming the nominee, winning the election, being inaugurated, giving his address to Congress — -->
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