Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Republicans CAVE On Obamacare

Health Reform: Seven years after vowing to repeal ObamaCare, Republicans have labored to produce plan that replaces ObamaCare with …. ObamaCare.
The plan released Monday — called the American Health Care Act — has some good parts. It repeals ObamaCare's multitude of largely hidden but no less destructive taxes on health insurance plans, medical devices, flexible spending accounts and so on. It gets rid of ObamaCare's individual mandate and the job-killing employer mandate.
It expands the amount of money that can be contributed to Health Savings Accounts, the one health reform that has actually worked to lower costs. It's age-based, refundable tax credit for individual insurance is an improvement over ObamaCare's unpredictable, Rube Goldberg subsidy scheme.
But, as's Sarah Kliff noted: "A curious thing has happened to the Republican replacement plan as it has evolved through multiple drafts: it has begun to look more and more like ObamaCare itself."
We'd go further and say that this bill would end up putting Republicans on record as supporting all the key elements of ObamaCare: federal interference in state insurance regulations, the awful Cadillac tax (which it delays again), and the Medicaid expansion (which it keeps in place for another three years before promising to reform the program).
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