Monday, February 13, 2017

Ted Cruz Is Right: You Don’t Have A Right To Health Care

Progressives keep using the language of 'rights' to excuse and facilitate their agenda. But the word doesn't mean what they think it means.
There was a moment in the CNN Debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders when the Senate’s senior socialist thought he had his Texan colleague dead to rights. Sanders asked Cruz whether he believed that every American is entitled to healthcare “as a right.”
Cruz, wisely, did not take the bait. He differentiated between the right to healthcare, which does not exist, and the right to access healthcare, which he readily conceded does exist. Sanders exploded, yelling that “access doesn’t mean a damn thing” if the government doesn’t pay for it for every citizen. Therefore, the Sanders argument goes, if it isn’t paid for by the government, it is the denial of a right.
The Left Uses ‘Rights’ Language To Further Their Agenda
This tactic isn’t confined to the healthcare debate. A look at the demands of the left which were voiced during the “Women’s March” reveal a laundry list of “rights” being “denied” in this country, including (but not limited to) taxpayer funded abortion on demand. And Kamala Harris one-upped everyone when she tweeted her belief that an infrastructure bill was “a human rights issue.”
Notice anything? There’s a recurring theme here. People, especially progressive politicians, often refer to every item in their agenda that is not yet realized as a “right”. This is true whether it’s a new government welfare program, or an attempt to further socially engineer the country. It’s an interesting choice of wording, but one that is not without reason.
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