Friday, January 6, 2017

Tom Cotton Schools Tucker Carlson on Why Russia Is Not Our Friend and isn't "on our side"

Arkansas senator Tom Cotton blasted Barack Obama for his accommodation of Russian aggression over the past eight years and argued that Russia has committed "crimes and transgressions against the United States and our interests" while the administration "looked the other way." Speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News Tuesday, Cotton laid out a case for why Vladimir Putin and Russia deserve tough consequences for their actions, citing the harassment of American diplomats in Russia and successful hack of the Democratic National Committee.
VIDEO: Watch Carlson gets schooled by Cotton above
Carlson pushed back, asking why Russia deserves to be singled out when American allies spy on the United States all the time. "Russia is on our side, fundamentally, in the struggle that most of us recognize is the main one, which is against Islamic extremism. We share common interests," Carlson said, likening those shared interests to those of Western nations like the United Kingdom. "Why wouldn't Russia fall into that category?"
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