Sunday, December 11, 2016

DRAIN THE SWAMP! Goldman Sachs Now Dominates Trump Administration

Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images
The hypocrisy of Donald Trump regarding Goldman Sachs is staggering; he repeatedly targeted the company during the primary season to attack his most dangerous rival, Ted Cruz, and also used Goldman Sachs as a foil to attack Hillary Clinton.
But on Friday Trump announced yet another high-ranking member of his administration will come from Goldman Sachs:
Here are the people either currently working for Goldman Sachs or having worked for them in the past whom Trump has already named to work with him:
1. National Economic Council Director: GS COO Gary Cohn             2. Treasury Secretary: Steven Mnuchin                                               3. Senior advisor: Steve Bannon                                                         4. Top transition advisor: Anthony Scaramucci
Prior to the Iowa caucuses, the first real test in the GOP primaries, Trump repeatedly attacked Ted Cruz for his connections with Goldman Sachs:
Read the rest from Hank Berrien HERE.

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