Tuesday, December 13, 2016

3 Reasons to put Ted Cruz on Supreme Court

Carl Jackson hopes Trump will 'make the nightmares of the left come true'
President-elect Trump would be wise to nominate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to the Supreme Court for three reasons:
1. Republican leaders are salivating at the chance to get Cruz out of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s hai
2. Trump wants to avoid a primary challenge from a likely opponent if he has a failed presidency.
3. Ted Cruz has the potential to become an even better justice than Antonin Scalia, in which case Donald Trump would be the hero.
Not many people believed that Cruz would make it as far into the primaries as he did. He was the first Latino American ever to win a presidential caucus, a historical feat Republicans neglected to celebrate. Unfortunately for Cruz, this year voters weren’t looking for a constitutional conservative for president. If they were, he would’ve been the obvious choice. Instead, voters wanted a “fighter” that spoke their lingo, listened to their concerns, and one they felt had their backs against the political establishment and media elites alike.
There weren’t many policy issues that separated Sen. Cruz and Donald Trump during the GOP primary. However, Trump wisely sought the hearts of voters to win their minds; whereas Cruz unwisely appealed to their intellect in a feeble attempt to win their hearts. His strategy backfired. Despite being a conservative fighter in the Senate, he missed the severity of the mood of the country until it was too late for his campaign to rebound. I’m convinced Cruz would have made an excellent president, perhaps even one of America’s finest. However, I’m equally convinced, if not more so, he’d make an even greater Supreme Court justice, one that could potentially surpass the greatness and influence of Antonin Scalia, given his intellect, conviction, our time in history, not to mention his constitutional astuteness.
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