Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump's Words Won; Now, We Judge His Deeds

Americans decided on Tuesday which package to open.
With Hillary Clinton, the contents were thoroughly understood. After 30 years of watching her in and near the political arena, everyone knew how to read the label — what to expect, what to believe, what to discount.
With President-elect Donald Trump, we lack that sort of certainty. Oh, we've seen the packing list — liberal, conservative, phony Republican, genuine Republican, pro-life, pro-choice, white nationalist, populist, autocrat, law-and-order guy, stiffer of contractors, catalyst of the apocalypse, savior — the self-contradictory tally goes on and on. But there's no way all those things can be in that box.
Now, we're about to find out what the voters bought — what was real and what was hot air. By his deeds shall we know him. If his deeds are bad, we'll ride out the consequences and replace him in four years, so put down your Molotov cocktail and breathe into this paper bag for a couple of minutes.
I sincerely hope the people who were enthusiastic for Trump get to unwrap the president they were hoping for — the patriot who will set about undoing the damage inflicted by Barack Obama and put people on the Supreme Court who aren't out to redefine every word in the English language.
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