Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Real Question: Will McConnell Use The Nuclear Option?

Republicans are hopeful after Republicans’ sweeping electoral victories on Tuesday night. They have every right to be. Republicans now control the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency. President-Elect Donald Trump has promised to enact a largely conservative agenda; although he strayed from those proposals throughout the campaign, Republican domination across the land should encourage him to move forward on those promises.
There is, however, one possible obstacle.
His name is Mitch McConnell.
Senate Majority Leader McConnell will likely have 52 Republican votes with which to ram through elements of the Trump agenda. The top of that agenda is replacement of Justice Scalia with a conservative. In all likelihood, the Democrats will attempt to filibuster any such nomination. That means that McConnell will have to invoke the so-called “nuclear option,” whereby he appeals to the presiding officer of the Senate – in this case, Vice President Mike Pence – to allow a vote on the new justice without a three-fifths majority necessary to shutting down a filibuster. A simple majority vote is then taken to decide the new rules, and the justice is suddenly confirmable.
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

McConnell absolutely has to quit constructing excuses to not get stuff done. Forget about the frigging filibuster. The Democrats already jettisoned it. This next 4 years will tell the story of whether or not the Republic survives.