Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump: I Don't Care About Doing a 'Conservative Job'

In an interview conducted by The New York Times with president-elect Donald Trump, Trump confirmed the worst fears of conservatives, asserting that he’s less interested in executing conservatives principles than achieving high approval marks from the public.
Thomas Friedman prompted the disturbing answer from Trump by commenting, “I came here thinking you’d be awed and overwhelmed by this job, but I feel like you are getting very comfortable with it.”
Trump replied:
I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable. I am awed by the job, as anybody would be, but I honestly, Tom, I feel so comfortable and you know it would be, to me, a great achievement if I could come back here in a year or two years and say — and have a lot of the folks here say, “You’ve done a great job.” And I don’t mean just a conservative job, ’cause I’m not talking conservative. I mean just, we’ve done a good job.
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