Monday, November 28, 2016

Trump administration’s first big decision on Obamacare coming in February

The Trump administration’s first big decision on the fate of Obamacare will come in February. That’s when the administration will have to decide what to do about a lawsuit filed by House Republicans to stop cost-sharing payments being made to insurers.
The underlying issue is a program designed to lower costs, such as deductibles, for low-income enrollees. The insurers offer a discount and the Obama administration has been making payments to insurers to offset those costs. In 2014, the GOP House filed a lawsuit against the administration saying the law lacked any appropriation for the money being paid to insurers. The GOP won a victory this summer when a court agreed the House had standing to sue the administration.
The next step in the ongoing lawsuit was set to take place just a day before Trump is inaugurated, but Monday the House filed a request asking the court to delay further action in the case until late February. Assuming the judge agrees, that will give the Trump administration a chance to decide how it wants to proceed in the lawsuit. There’s almost no doubt the Trump administration will want to end the payments but there are a couple ways in which it could do that. ...
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