Monday, November 28, 2016

Obama’s Imposed Regulations Cost $1,300 Per Person

President Barack Obama has imposed hundreds of billions in regulatory burdens on the American people over the course of his presidency, at an average cost of $1,300 for every person in the U.S.
Billion-dollar rules, or mega-rules, are not very common. For instance, the Bush Administration put forth just 1.6 billion-dollar rules per year. Over the course of his eight year presidency, Bush enacted 12 mega-rules that imposed $35 billion in costs.
The Obama Administration puts forth an average of 3.25 mega-rules a year. His administration imposed $42 billion in mega-rules from just 2012 to 2014, managing to exceed Bush’s tenure in just two years, American Action Forum (AAF) reports.
Over the course of Obama’s presidency, his 25 enacted mega-rules have imposed almost $75 billion in annual costs, with a net present value burden of $424 billion, AAF reports. The average cost of $1,300 for every person in the U.S. is the per capita burden from just these 25 mega-rules.
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