Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How Will Trump Campaign Saga End?

Countless cable news programs, newspaper op-ed pieces, and blogs have devoted thousands of words and hours to better understand the phenomenon that is the Donald Trump presidential campaign. Mr. Trump has been described along a continuum from a highly successful, aggressive businessman to a narcissistic demagogue with little interest in anyone but himself.
And those are all some of my good qualities ...
The Trump public persona has provided moments that support the description of him as a self-serving narcissist incapable of showing empathy for others, and who viciously attacks those who would oppose him and his candidacy.
Arguments against this characterization are hampered by the constant emergence of misogynistic comments, accusations of sexual assault, claims of unethical business practices, and a childlike demeanor during the two most recent presidential debates (e.g., fidgeting, interrupting, shouting, invading personal space).
As he strives to obtain the most powerful position in the free world, one must ask the question: How will this saga end?
Here are some possibilities: ...
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