Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trump’s Not the Fighter You’ve Been Looking For

So, this is the election year when the GOP was supposed to get its “fighter.” Donald Trump was the man who was going to take all the Clintons many years of corruption and wrongdoing and shove it right in their faces — all on national television. Well, it turns out that that Hillary bulldozed him. She torched him worse than any modern candidate has ever been torched in national debates. Courtesy FiveThirtyEight, this chart makes the brutal case:
What should be particularly depressing for Trump fans (though predictable for everyone else) is that she did it in the simplest way possible — mainly by baiting him into being himself. Whenever the tide turned against her, she knew that Trump would save the day. She knew she could count on him to sacrifice his party and his people on the altar of his own ego.
Read the rest from David French HERE.

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