Saturday, October 22, 2016

ObamaCare Enrollees Face A Rude Awakening In Two Weeks

Health Care: President Obama once told the country that ObamaCare was a "great product." When open enrollment for ObamaCare begins on Nov. 1, millions of Americans will discover just how big a lie this was.
Although the mainstream press has largely ignored it during this election in favor of wall-to-wall coverage of Donald Trump's alleged misdeeds, ObamaCare is absolutely coming unglued.
When the exchanges open for business in two weeks, people looking for insurance there will find far fewer choices, sky-high premiums and lower-quality plans.
A recent analysis by Bloomberg found that because insurance companies have bailed out of so many ObamaCare markets, more than 1.4 million people will be forced to switch plans during open enrollment. In most cases, that will mean finding new doctors and other providers as well.
Millions will find only one insurance company participating in their area. Oklahoma, Alaska, Wyoming, Alabama and South Carolina will have one ObamaCare insurer statewide, and so will most counties in Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina. Before ObamaCare, 17 insurers competed for business in Kansas. When the exchanges open up in November, most will have a choice of two.
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