Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Sleaze Factor: Trump Pointed to 9/11 Attacks in Asking SEC for Leniency During Fraud Probe

This is about as slimy as one can get. Trying to use the 9/11 attack to one's own benefit:
When Donald Trump’s casino company was facing a civil fraud investigation over its accounting practices, the New York businessman asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to show mercy because of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Mr. Trump’s December 2001 plea, revealed for the first time in 1,240 pages of documents related to the investigation that the SEC posted on its website this week, showed how Mr. Trump and his attorneys aggressively resisted the SEC’s claim that Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts Inc.’s conduct amounted to fraud.
The company’s lawyers argued that its cooperation with the SEC’s probe and the distress caused by the terrorist attacks ought to win it some leniency.
Representatives of Mr. Trump’s campaign and the Trump Organization, which oversees his business holdings, didn’t respond to requests for comment.
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

"Hours after our NY Twin Towers fell, Trump bragged that his building was now the 'tallest' building in lower Manhattan."

Fact checking explains the fraud that is Trump: "...70 Pine Street is listed as being 25 feet taller than Trump's building at 40 Wall Street."

PLEASE!! Trump's excitement was horrific in context! He spoke of the 1993 basement terrorist attack on the Twin Towers without acknowledging that demolitions get the exact same preparation as the Twin Towers received by those Islamic terrorists first attacking the basement of the Twin Towers.

A builder like Trump should have given us the benefit of his insight: TRUMP FAILED. He's not a patriot.

Anonymous said...

Any person denying Trump was bragging has never listened to Trump speak. Bragging is what Trump does endlessly, non-stop.

One would have to be a shameless shill to claim otherwise.

Anonymous said...

To be perfectly clear, Trump was NOT bragging due to the fact that he was lying. He was bragging AND he was lying.

Trump brags because he's a narcissist. This is insanity, a zero-conscience, extreme insecurity that Trump CANNOT control (please pay attention McConnell).

The lying part of Trump's excitement comes part and parcel with Trump's insanity/narcissism, with his whole life of narcissistic crazy-times. FRAUD and zero-conscience scheming are an intrinsic part of evil Trump's version of 'The Joker.'