Thursday, October 6, 2016

I Snapped: After the Cuba Story, I'm a Never-Trumper

Donald Trump supporters can disparage many of the meritless, petty attacks on their candidate, from the so-called "Star of David scandal" to the holes-in-Melania-Trump's-immigration story. I don't blame them. I disparage them, too. But I must tell you this: If Trump secretly conducted business in communist Cuba while Fidel Castro was its president, the Republican presidential nominee should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not elected to the highest office in the land.
Prosecution isn't going to happen, apparently. It doesn't matter that it's been illegal since the Kennedy administration to spend money in Cuba without proper authorization, the statute of limitations ran out some time ago on prosecuting Trump, his company, or any of its executives. He's off the hook.
This latest revelation just lost Donald Trump my vote. Not that he ever had it. And not that he cares. But here I was, still waiting to hear a single sensible plan on any major issue, see if he might -- somehow, by some miracle of God -- develop statesmanship skills and a presidential demeanor. I was waiting to hear him tell the truth on something, anything, about himself. But today I am officially off the fence.
His actions over Cuba, and his failure so far to admit what he did, render him indefensible.
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