Monday, October 17, 2016

Kompromat Takes Down Trump

His gross foibles are an easy target, but isn’t the election about more?
Republican voters knew Donald Trump was a philandering playboy before they nominated him—one of the many reasons choosing him was a mistake.
Philandering is a standard part of the process by which a wife is traded in for a younger one, which Mr. Trump did twice. No secret tape is necessary. In one of his memoirs, Mr. Trump boasts of the “very happily married and important women” who supposedly succumbed to his improbable charms.
Still, talk about importing Russian methods (i.e., “kompromat”) into the U.S. election, with the tape leak, tax leak and the stagy cameo by the aggrieved beauty queen. Then came the Obama administration’s formal accusation on Friday of Russian meddling in the political process. This seemed less aimed at warning off Russia than at underscoring a Democratic talking point that Mr. Trump is a Russian agent.
For the sake of America, the election better be a blowout, because otherwise “rigged” will be the cry from Breitbart and the rest of the pro-Donald media.
Read the rest of this WSJ op-ed HERE.

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