Monday, October 17, 2016

Alan Keyes: What Is The Real Significance Of Trump’s Locker Room Vaunt?

Recently Donald Trump has reportedly been considering the option of making Bill Clinton’s record of sexual misconduct an issue in the 2016 campaign, in order to put Hillary Clinton on the spot for aiding and abetting it. In the context of those reports, is it just a coincidence that a tape has now come to public knowledge that seems to confirm Donald Trump disposition to engage in what appears to be similar misconduct? Is the deployment of the tape a high inside pitch aimed at discouraging the Trump camp from thinking that Clinton does not have the wherewithal to counter any move to crowd Hillary Clinton’s political plate with Bill Clinton’s sexual issues?
Be that as it may, considerations connected with the debased anti-personnel tactics being deployed by both sides in the present Presidential campaign season are not the only things for voters to ponder. More significant is the tenor of Trump’s remarks. They are being characterized as typical “locker room” talk. Men who take this to be true obviously accept the notion, much touted by some feminists, that a violent contempt for women is characteristic of American males. For Trump’s remarks do not involve boasting about some triumph achieved by his winning and skillful techniques for sexual seduction.
Trump flatly describes his experience as a function of “star power,” which is to say the force derived from his fame, wealth and superior position of authority. He states flatly, in offensively explicit language that he deploys quite casually, that that force allows him to have his way with women, invading their persons without their consent, in much the same that the illegal immigrants he so harshly inveighs against, make their way across our nation’s borders without regard for its boundaries.
Just as a nation without borders is not a nation, a person whose private parts are presumptuously violated by someone who counts on his personal power to assure submission to his advances, are not being not being treated as persons. They are being used as things of no account. In this respect Trump’s words suggest a predatory disposition, a passion that has more to do with taking pleasure in the forcefully imposed submission of others than in the mutual surrender usually associated with sexual encounters.
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