Thursday, September 29, 2016

Violent Crime Surge Is Tragic Proof 'Ferguson Effect' Is Real

War On Cops: The number of violent crimes jumped last year by 4%, a sad indictment of eight years of President Obama's policing and prison-sentencing "reforms" and further bolstering the argument that the so-called "Ferguson Effect" is largely to blame for the upsurge in criminal violence.
If you don't think this rise in violent crime, especially murder, is strange, consider this: While violent crime is soaring — murder and manslaughter in 2015 rose almost 11% from a year earlier — property crimes fell 2.6%, marking the 13th-straight year of decline, according to the latest crime report by the FBI.
That divergence between violent crimes and property crimes comes after eight years of President Obama suggesting that our criminal justice system — from street-level police to our courts to our jails and prisons — are just too hard on criminals.
Worse, over his two terms, Obama has joined with the left-leaning media and progressive intelligentsia to poo-pooh the notion that letting violent criminals out of prison, pulling back from aggressive, "broken-window" policing, and pushing a false narrative that police are engaged in a "war" on young black men have any impact on crime.
The result of this denial, sadly and predictably, has been more crime.
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