Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump the Loser

Donald Trump must have neglected to watch the video of Ronald Reagan in his 1980 debate with President Carter. Had he copied the restrained and imperturbable approach of Reagan—or at least tried to—Trump could have benefited enormously from last night's debate with Hillary Clinton. But he didn't. And that was his biggest mistake.
Instead, he resurrected the rowdy Trump of the Republican primary debates. He talked too long, interrupted Clinton, touted himself, and took her bait time after time to respond to her charges. It was the wrong approach at the wrong time at the wrong debate.
Trump had an opportunity to appear "presidential" and he blew it. Since Clinton has sought to make the race a referendum on his fitness to be president, it was important for Trump to look and act like someone equipped to step into the Oval Office and take control of the nuclear button. His performance fell short of that.
And it was obvious that he hadn't boned up on the issues and armed himself with fresh ways to exploit Clinton's many vulnerabilities. Practically everything he said was a repeat of what he has said many times before in the GOP primaries or rallies over the past summer.
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