Monday, September 26, 2016

Ted Cruz refuses to say Donald Trump is fit to be president after saying he'd vote for him

Ted Cruz refused on Saturday to say that Donald Trump is fit to be president, even as he defended his surprise endorsement a day earlier of a man he called a “pathological liar” during the bitter tussle for the Republican presidential nomination.
Speaking at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Cruz said he forgave Trump for insults directed at him and his family and had been persuaded to fall in line by his belief that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, must not be allowed to enter the White House, where he fears she would appoint liberal supreme court justices and trample over the constitution.
“I talked with both Donald and [his running-mate] Mike Pence yesterday,” Cruz said. “He was very gracious, he said thank you for the support.”
“We’re going to move on and put the past behind us,” he added.
Still, Cruz gave no impression that his antipathy towards Trump, or opinion of his presidential qualifications, have changed much since the spring. “I have been very clear that I have significant disagreements with him.”
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