Monday, September 26, 2016

5 Ways To Talk To A Never Trump Voter Without Screaming

Hurled insults rarely fail to appease disgruntled voters. Since Never Trump types could make a difference in the election, perhaps try different tactics.
Conservative commentators have spent a lot of time these last months debating how to reach out to alienated Donald Trump supporters. It still feels like I can hardly go 48 hours without reading another reflection on this problem.
Here’s what I don’t get. Supposedly we’re in the middle of an all-hands-on-deck, do-or-die, future-of-America-is-at-stake moment. But we’re still talking about how to appease… the folks whose preferred candidate tops the ticket.
Meanwhile, the Never Trump camp should probably stay away from debate-watch parties. Their name is mud. Withering epitaphs rain down from every corner for the traitorous Never Trumps. They’re self-righteous, cosseted elitists who don’t care a fig about the future of the country.
Politics 101
So here’s the situation as I understand it. We have a lot of deeply alienated conservative voters who, strangely enough, actually supported conservative principles that now seem to have been carelessly jettisoned. Some are sufficiently upset that they’ve left the party or at least declared they won’t vote for Trump. Those people could make the difference in the election.
What are we doing to win them back? Heaping on the blistering scorn! It’s a pretty great strategy. Hurled insults rarely fail to appease disgruntled voters.
I lied when I said I didn’t understand. I do. What we’re seeing is a lot of poison-pen personal therapy. Everyone is angry, and ranting in public is a great stress reliever in times of political turmoil.
Nevertheless, if you want to win this presidential election, I recommend investing in a stress ball, and dialing back the printed scorn. Maybe Trump supporters aren’t the only voters in America who like feeling respected? Here are some suggestions from a Never Trump conservative for talking more constructively with conservative voters who truly loathe our nominee. ...
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