Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stop Lying: #NeverTrump Doesn't 'Want' Hillary To Be President. That's Dumb.

The long knives are out for #NeverTrump. As the election quickly approaches, many Trump supporters seem intent on browbeating conservatives who say they won’t vote for Trump into supporting Trump – or at least into silence. The chief tool in their arsenal is the fully intellectually dishonest line, “If you won’t support Trump, you want Hillary Clinton to be elected.”
This mistakes secondary effect for primary motivation.
Let’s say that you decide today to eat a cheeseburger. Your motive, clearly, is to enjoy the taste. You are foregoing other, more nutritious options, in order to eat the cheeseburger. The secondary effect of eating the cheeseburger will be a decrease in your overall health – your chances of heart disease will rise, your salt intake will increase, your weight will bump.
This does not mean that you are eating the cheeseburger because you want to be unhealthy and die.
Read the rest from Ben Shapiro HERE.

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cimbri said...

It's a fork in the road and there's only 2 paths. One path leads to every political enemy that has existed in your entire life, led by a sick, old, corrupt leader. The other path leads to a place that contains almost all of the people in agreement with your economic and social philosophies. Their current leader is someone you really don't like, but his leadership, like all leaders in this system, is only temporary. One of these 2 civilizations will be ascendant for a long time. I'm going down the latter path.