Saturday, September 17, 2016

'Never Trump' Republicans Standing Firm

Never still means never for the collection of Republicans known as "Never Trump" because of their committed opposition to Donald Trump.
These Republicans, ranging from lawmakers, to intellectuals, to party insiders and strategists, remains firmly opposed to Trump, even as the GOP nominee has become more competitive with Hillary Clinton.
That opposition continues despite the fresh attention on the scandals hovering over the Democratic nominee's presidential candidacy, as well as fresh news about Clinton being diagnosed with pneumonia.
The illness forced Clinton off the campaign trail for at least a few days this week.
For "Never Trump" Republicans, opposition to their party's nominee has never been tied to his viability in the polls or their opinion of Clinton.
Many oppose Clinton just as staunchly as Trump and reject GOP critics who say they are enabling the Democrat because there are only two choices.
Sen Mike Lee with his good friend Sen Ted Cruz in the 
"Yes, I'm still 'NeverTrump,' and still not voting for Hillary, either," Republican operative Rory Cooper told the Washington Examiner on Monday. Cooper previously advised "#NeverTrump," a super PAC dedicated to defeating the New York businessman in the GOP primary.
"Sen. Lee has not endorsed Donald Trump, and has no plans to," added Conn Carroll, a spokesman for Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, a prominent conservative.
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

We'll win regardless of a few malcontents. There are always Republicans who end up helping the Democrat nominee. I don't think there are enough to throw the election to Hillary. They're in the process of being replaced by other voters.