Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why Millennials Don't Like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

Neither candidate is doing well among young voters. That’s a big problem.
Millennials voted for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders in the primaries. But they got Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton instead as their candidates.
To be sure, voters overall aren’t happy with our choices for president. Polls show that 37% of registered voters have strongly unfavorable views of Clinton, and more than 50% have strongly unfavorable views of Trump. But the difference is Millennials, as a group, didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton.
Millennials gave Clinton less than 30% of their votes in key primaries and nearly precipitated her defeat nationwide. Trump won 20%-30% of millennial voters in key GOP primaries, generally behind both Cruz and Rubio. Young voters have already delivered both candidates an unambiguous rebuke.
The fallout from Clinton and Trump’s nominations has been significant. Polling data shows only 20% of young people say they will vote for Trump, and 25% of young Republicans say they will vote for Clinton in November, according to USA Today. And, recent anecdotal reports suggest that some young voters are even disaffiliating with the Republican Party.
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