Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clinton’s Cash Lead Over Donald Trump Grew in July

Not to worry, SELF-FUNDING, right Donald? You 
can mafe up the difference with your BIG BUCKS 
... RIGHT???
Democratic nominee and her allies had $140 million in bank; team Trump had $78 million
Heading into the final months of the presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton has amassed far more financial firepower than her Republican rival, Donald Trump.
Mrs. Clinton’s campaign raised $63 million in July, on top of $26 million for two joint funds with the Democratic Party and nearly $10 million raised by her friendly super PAC, according to new Federal Election Commission filings. Between her campaign, joint accounts and outside groups, Mrs. Clinton and her allies ended the month with $140 million in the bank.
In contrast, Mr. Trump’s campaign raised $36 million in July, in addition to $44 million raised for his joint funds with the Republican National Committee. His super PACs raised about $4 million in July. His campaign, joint funds and allied outside groups had $78 million on hand at the end of July.
Mr. Trump has lagged substantially behind Mrs. Clinton in polls, and if he doesn’t start to look more competitive by Labor Day, Republican donors and party leaders are expected to increasingly steer their time and resources toward preserving GOP majorities in the House and Senate.
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