Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Does Lying Matter Anymore?

At this point, few people deny that Hillary Clinton lies, regularly. Her supporters are apt to shrug and say, “Yeah, so what?” Their attitude is “Lie back and think of Roe v. Wade.
Donald Trump is as regular and as shocking a liar. Consider three episodes, only.
For many years, Trump posed as his own spokesman, calling himself John Miller or John Baron (or Barron). Under this guise, he would brag to reporters about his sex life, or adulterous life.
He admitted this in a court case. But this year, perhaps forgetting that he had already admitted it, he denied it.
At the same time he was denying it, some of his supporters were celebrating it, saying, “Ha, he goofed on the press, how cool!” They loved him more than ever. But they were not on the same page as their man: who was denying it. Though he had admitted it before.
There’s an old line: “I cannot tell a lie because I don’t have a good enough memory.”
During the recent GOP convention, Trump talked about the location of that convention. “I wanted it to be here. And they had lots of choices. I wanted it to be in Ohio. I recommended Ohio.”
The Republicans’ decision to hold their convention in Cleveland was announced in July 2014. Did Trump determine or influence the decision? This is a small thing — relatively small thing — but isn’t it telling?
Episode No. 3:
Read the rest of Jay Nordlinger's op-ed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

With Trump, nothing matters anymore.

If this situation were not so tragic and dangerous, we could laugh about it. Because it's truly comical the way the Trump cult hears and sees no evil.

Trump cannot go 5 minutes without embarrassing himself (if only he had the capacity for embarrassment), the GOP, and the leaders who are with him.

This is truly an amazing moment. I still can't believe we are here.


cimbri said...

It's never mattered. Remember the Dem NE senator saying Bill Clinton was an unusually good liar? Hillary caught in one huge lie after another. Also, isn't "pivoting" from primaries to a GE really just lying? They all lie. They lie in their campaign commercials, pretending to be family men wherein you can clearly see their kids can't stand them.

People vote their pocketbook, that still remains true. They don't care about lying, still they all do it.