Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cruz Control

It has dawned on some in the media that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), far from incinerating his own political career by refusing to endorse Donald Trump, may be one of the few survivors of the 2016 GOP presidential field. Well, we have been making that case — since May. His convention speech, we have argued, kept Cruz free from months of the political hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty that have plagued so many Trump apologists.
We thought he played the aftermath of the primaries — staying low and letting others contort themselves — smartly. He’s continuing on that path:
Cruz, in rare fashion, has let the fire rage without adding his own gasoline. “He’s doing a remarkable job staying quiet and letting people come to that conclusion on their own,” said Amanda Carpenter, a longtime adviser to Cruz.
While those close to Cruz were confident the decision not to endorse would be the right one in the end, the quickness with which it’s panning out has been a bit of a surprise. “Trump blew his own convention. While predictable, it still boggles the mind it happened,” Carpenter said. “Trump is like a tornado. You know it’s going to be devastating when it rips through your house but the aftermath is still shocking.”
Critics suspect Cruz kept his distance from Trump based on pure political calculation, figuring it would help Cruz in the end. That’s not exactly an indictment unless one expects pols to be selfless; rather, it is a confirmation that Cruz understood Trump, the party and the country better than many of his fellow Republicans.
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