Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump's Hispanic and Catholic Problems

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Three of Four Hispanic registered voters canvassed say they plan to vote for Hillary Clinton
Some 82% of Hispanic registered voters view presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump unfavorably, while three out of four say they plan to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the fall, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News national poll finds.
Just 14% say they would vote for Mr. Trump.
The elevated resistance to Mr. Trump poses a hurdle for him in battleground states with large Hispanic populations, including Colorado and Florida. The survey results also challenge Mr. Trump’s claim that he can defy expectations among Hispanic voters because, in his words, they “love” him.
Many GOP leaders have said strengthening ties with Hispanics was a priority after the party’s presidential election loss in 2012. But with 14% support, Mr. Trump trails the 27% of Hispanic voters won by Mitt Romney, the GOP nominee that year.
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Trump’s Catholic Problem
Last week, the Pew Research Center released an interesting survey on the 2016 presidential election. It looks at how religious views and religiosity are affecting voting behavior. Many surveys ask people about their religious affiliation. However, to Pew’s credit, they also asked about frequency of church attendance. As the two major parties have become polarized on morality policy, frequent church attendees have become more consistently Republican and occasional church attendees have become more consistently Democrat.
However, the voting patterns in the 2016 presidential election appear to be somewhat different. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is doing extremely well with all evangelicals — both frequent church attendees and infrequent church attendees. Trump has the support of 79 percent of white Evangelicals who attend church on a weekly basis and 76 percent of those who attend church less often. In fact, Trump’s support among white Evangelicals is greater than Mitt Romney’s was four years ago.
Conversely, Trump is faring poorly among Roman Catholics. A Pew survey taken four years ago showed 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney winning a plurality of Roman Catholics who reported attending Mass on a weekly basis. However, this year Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton by a whopping 19 points among weekly Mass attendees. Among Catholics who attend Mass less often, Trump trails Clinton by 16 percentage points.
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