Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump’s Brand Is Tarnished by His Cheapness

He’s getting what he has paid for: an incompetent staff and a weak ground game.
Donald Trump has long defended the small size of his campaign staff and his habit of letting aides fight among themselves for his attention and for control of his operations. In June, Trump tweeted a defense of his Mini Me campaign staff: “I am getting bad marks from certain pundits because I have a small campaign staff. But small is good, flexible, save money and number one!” Another time he called his model “What we need as Prez!”
In the aftermath of the plagiarism flap about Melania Trump’s speech, Republicans in Cleveland are openly contemptuous of his amateur-hour staff. “How could you do a better job of stepping on your message than by cribbing from Obama’s wife, then refusing to fire anyone, and then claiming nothing happened that was wrong?” one GOP congressman asked me. Another called the Trump campaign “The Mistake on the Lake,” a reference to an old slur that people used to level against Cleveland.
Donald Trump is getting what he paid for when it comes to his campaign staff.
If only the incompetence of the Melania episode were isolated. But it’s not.
The preparation of Trump’s Thursday night acceptance speech is in shambles, with people in the know having seen only fragments of it and nervous that the speech will not be properly vetted or will consist of clichés.
One reason for the shambolic nature of Trump’s staff is the difficulty it has in hiring good talent quickly. Just last week, Trump sought $10 million in damages from former campaign aide Sam Nunberg for alleged breaches of his nondisclosure agreement. That action has created paranoia among Team Trump members. “Mr. Trump requires employees to sign and adhere to strict confidentiality agreements,” Trump attorney Alan Garten said in a statement July 13, after Trump announced he was suing Nunberg. “When the agreements are not adhered to, he will enforce them to the full extent of the law, and Mr. Trump’s litigation track record on such matters is outstanding.”
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