Sunday, July 24, 2016

There’s Only One Reason Why Christie Thinks Cruz’s Speech Was Awful & Selfish

So New Jersey Governor and errand boy Chris Christie says Ted Cruz’s RNC speech is “awful” and “selfish”.
Was it awful and selfish for Cruz to praise one of the fallen Dallas police officers killed during the Black Lives Matter protest earlier this month?
Was it awful and selfish for Cruz to say we have no king, queen or dictator and that the people have the right to constrain government?
Speaking of Christie suck-ups, who can forget this past 
suck-up just before the 2012 presidential election?
Was it awful and selfish for Cruz to say that judges should follow The Constitution?
There’s only one reason Chris Christie thinks Ted Cruz’s speech is awful and selfish – because he refused to worship at the altar of Donald Trump. Ted Cruz takes the radical position that we are nation of laws, not of men.
Read the rest of Aaron Goldstein's op-ed HERE.

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