Sunday, July 24, 2016

I Now Understand Where You Never Trump Folks Are Coming From

I supported Trump for the most part since Rand Paul suspended his campaign. I've been on the Trump train for a while. I didn't agree with him on everything, but I'm against getting involved in every foreign conflict on earth, so I was drawn to his foreign policy. I'm also very strong about immigration, and in terms of rhetoric, it doesn't get tougher than Trump.
The reason I'm writing this post is because I'm disillusioned after Ivanka's speech talking about government provided childcare and perpetuating the wage gap lie. She sounded like Hillary, for God's sake. And not a single person in the Donald's camp is willing to have a discussion about this. They are blind zealots just like the Bernbots, most of them it seems anyway. They are so quick to make excuses for Trump it kind of frightens me. The LGBTQAXRZ15 line was unexpected and rather insulting, as though the GOP are the ones throwing gays off of rooftops. Fuck me for not wanting grown ass lumberjack looking men in my daughter's school locker room. Let me be clear that I support gay rights and have to my detriment living in a very rural area, but I don't believe in the government forcing Christians to cater their weddings and I'm sick of the propaganda around the Indiana/NC common sense laws.
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cimbri said...

That was just smart politicking by Ivanka. People will come up with any excuse to help Hillary become president.