Sunday, July 17, 2016

No, the Dump Trump Movement Didn't Die on Thursday, Here's Why

On Thursday night, a "conscience clause" which would free Republican National Convention delegates to vote their consciences, rather than the way the state laws stipulate, failed at the convention's Rules Committee meeting. Trump supporters are hailing this as the end of the insurgent anti-Trump movement, but they shouldn't be quite so confident.
As ABC News reported, "the proposal was defeated by voice vote and no exact numbers were given." The vote to end debate on the clause received only 21 "no" votes, which seems to hint that the anti-Trump delegates do not have enough votes to reach the 28-delegate threshold in order to guarantee the conscience clause a hearing at the full convention.
A group called Delegates Unbound, led by President Eric O'Keefe, opened an office in Cleveland and hired 15 "whips" who contacted delegates, pushing the idea that Trump's delegates are not truly bound to him. Curly Haugland, a Rules Committee member, wrote the book Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate, arguing that GOP delegates have historically always retained the power to vote their conscience.
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