Sunday, July 17, 2016

5 Words That Could Sink Trump: “He emotionally reacted to it,"

Paul Manafort just admitted that Trump is an emotional reality TV star, not a war-time leader.
Donald Trump’s campaign manager may have just lost the presidential race for him, and it only took five words.
“He emotionally reacted to it,” Paul Manafort told Chris Cuomo on CNN, explaining why Trump postponed a press conference to announce his vice presidential pick in the wake of the attack that killed dozens of people in Nice, France.
Manafort may have thought he was conveying — or perhaps revealing, given the tenor of the campaign so far — Trump’s great empathy and caring.
But there are many, many ways those five words may come to haunt Trump, starting with this: They crystallize his approach to pretty much everything — including campaign strategy, policy-making, the press, the Constitution, people who criticize him, political rivals and foreign leaders. They are Hillary Clinton’s “Daisy” ad. All she needs to do is run those five words as a continuous loop against video of nuclear weapons and mushroom clouds.
Trump may indeed have been trying to show sensitivity in the face of tragedy, but he went ahead with fundraising in California and made plenty of news on Fox News all night. As the crew at NBC’s First Read asked so trenchantly, “Why cancel your VP announcement event because of France, but then call in, twice, to Fox?”
There was also the point raised by New York Times veteran Adam Nagourney: Was Trump’s cancellation a signal to terrorists that they could control events in the United States?
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