Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Forget the White House. Dump Trump to Save the Rest of the Ticket

Is it time to Dump Trump?
Long past, #NeverTrumpers would say. Many of them in my vicinity have been wistfully speculating on the means, from convention coup to public-spirited time travelers, by which Donald Trump might be removed from the top of the Republican ticket.
But the case for doing so has become stronger with three pieces of news. First, the revelation that he has, to a first approximation, done none of the things necessary to build a viable campaign, such as raising funds or hiring staff. Second, he is trailing Clinton so badly that his supporters have already resorted to the kind of poll “unskewing” rituals that are traditionally reserved for the first week of every fourth November. And third, Nate Silver has released his election forecast on his FiveThirtyEight blog, giving Trump just a 20-26 percent chance of winning the election.
So let us consider three questions:
1. Would the Republican Party be better off if they staged a coup at the convention and substituted another candidate?
2. Does the Republican Party have a moral right to stage such a coup?
3. Can the Republican Party manage to pull it off?
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Anonymous said...

History is not going to be kind to the delegates if they do not have the moral courage to dump Trump.

It's more than obvious that the clown show needs to end. We are going to lose the senate, and the house is in jeopardy.

Delegates, please do the right thing.


cimbri said...

Trump is the only reason to vote. I don't care at all about the useless Congress. All they do is fund the extravagances of the executive branch. Now they're paying for Obama to fly around and campaign with Hillary.