Wednesday, July 6, 2016

‘Dump Trump’ Movement is a Long Shot but Still a Factor

Insurgent Republicans, against the odds, are trying to rally support to dump Donald Trump as the party’s presidential nominee at the upcoming GOP convention, saying the brash billionaire is a “lost cause.”
Meanwhile, Trump allies, while casting the revolt effort as unlikely, still are preparing plans to keep convention delegates in line. They are warning delegates about consequences of a revolt. Even if the “Dump Trump” forces fail, it’s a story line that won’t go away as the Republicans prepare for their convention in Cleveland beginning July 18.
“To disrupt the convention would be huge, even if it gets them nowhere,” Republican strategist Susan Del Percio said of the insurgents’ efforts.
She said anti-Trump delegates face an “uphill battle” but can’t be written off yet.
“Going by the reaction of Trump and the RNC,” Del Percio said, referring to the Republican National Committee, “it appears there may well be traction” in the movement.
The Dump Trump forces said they gained steam in the past few weeks after the Republican candidate dipped in the national polls against the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, and as he filed a campaign-finance statement showing him with relatively little cash on hand.
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Anonymous said...

I wish Republicans had the guts to do the right thing.

We know that over half of all Republicans DO NOT WANT TRUMP.

The delegates MUST unbind themselves.

Preibus must either stand aside or do the right thing and start doing his damn job.

We still have a shot. We need to at least TRY to save the senate and house.

There are millions of Republicans who will be angry, but there will be more who are angry that our party didn't stand up for what it believed in when it really mattered.



cimbri said...

Martha, the GOP is very splintered. Half of them didn't want Romney either, and many conservative voters didn't come around to him until the last week of the campaign. Trump won the states, he deserves the nomination.

Anonymous said...

cimbri, yes he won the votes. But every single day since then, he's shown himself to be completely unready, unqualified and unfit.

The system is set up for situations like this. Time for the party to save itself.