Saturday, July 2, 2016

College Educated White Voters Could Spell Trouble for Trump

Throughout the 2016 campaign much has been made of Donald Trump's challenge in reaching minority voters, but the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows he may have a deep challenge looming with white voters.
The NBC/WSJ poll shows a divide within the white vote along educational lines. Trump holds a big lead among white voters without a college education, a 23-point edge, but he narrowly trails Hillary Clinton among college-educated whites by a single point.
That is a break from recent presidential elections. Consider 2012 where Republican Mitt Romney was dominating across the board with white voters.
Trump's margin with non-college educated white voters is actually slightly better than Romney's 2012 number. In October of 2012, Romney held a 21-point edge among those without a college education.
But Trump's net-negative standing with college-educated whites is awful compared to Romney's 2012 margin. Romney actually led with college-educated whites in October of 2012 by 12 points.
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