Sunday, July 31, 2016

After Giving Him A Pass, How the Media’s History of Smearing Republicans Now Helps Trump

Decades of smearing decent Republican candidates leaves them without credibility on Trump’s demagoguery.
Dear Mainstream Media and Democrats: It’s your turn. Now that Donald Trump has been formally nominated, the formal responsibility to stop him passes from the Right to the Left, from Republicans to Democrats and the journalists who amplify their values.
You’re going to find it a very tough slog. And it’s your own damn fault.
During the primaries, the task of exposing the true nature of the Trump takeover fell disproportionately to a few conservative magazines, columnists, renegade radio hosts, and behind-the-scenes activists. We all failed. There will be plenty of time for recriminations and “we happy few” speeches later. (If you detect a note of bitterness on my part, I’m not being clear enough: I contain symphonies of bitterness.)
We failed in part because the mainstream media were having too good of a time to help. Last spring, Stop Trump operatives told me they brought damning stories to mainstream outlets. The response was usually: “We’re not interested in covering that — right now.”
Read the rest of Jonah Goldberg's op-ed HERE.

He Jonah, you forgot to add FOX NEWS (The Trump Network) to your list of Trump enablers. Thought I'd add it here for you at the end. No need to thank me. You're welcome.

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cimbri said...

Trump inoculates himself against the standard leftist attacks. Iraq is the biggest issue of the first quarter century and Trump can't be criticized. He has also mitigated the usual smears of Republicans being anti-gay, anti-black etc.

So Trump has protected himself on the usual attack lines while going on offense in the swing states. Seems like a sound strategy.