Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump's praise of Clintons Becomes Issue in Trump University Case

As Donald Trump prepares for a major speech this week attacking Hillary and Bill Clinton - and campaign stops in New Hampshire on Monday - a videotaped deposition from a class-action lawsuit against him could put him in an awkward spot.
What's that old saying, about being judged by the 
company you keep?
The testimony shows Trump trying to explain away past statements such as "I know Hillary, and I think she would make a great President or vice president" and "Bill Clinton was a great President."
The depositions were taken in December and January as part of the Trump University case in federal court in San Diego, in which ex-students allege they paid thousands of dollars for increasingly expensive seminars offering real estate investment advice that wasn't worth it.
Lawyers for the plaintiffs dragged up statements Trump had made years earlier - such as the 2008 blog posts about the Clintons - in an attempt to undermine his credibility. Under oath, Trump tried to explain how his views have changed.
The attorneys asked whether Trump believed what he wrote in the past, ...
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