Monday, June 13, 2016

Op-ed: NO MORE!

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Short and to the now we all know about the past day's horrific events in Orlando, Florida, and as can be expected Obama and Hillary are finding every and anyone else to blame for the murdering rampage except the shooter. Now blaming this latest in a string of mass murders on the gun lobby, which is absolutely insane, this was an attack on American citizens...on a 'homegrown' muslim, by an islamic terrorist with allegiances to ISIS, period.

Now I and all America demand these savages be stopped and stopped now! All, and I mean all, immigration must be halted...and that includes NO taking in of Syrian anything-but-refugees, NO anyone from the Middle East (except for Israel of course), and full profiling of 'the brethren'...of muslims...already here must be put in place, and any having any ties whatsoever to any terrorist group must be arrested IMMEDIATELY!

Remember taqiyya...'the brethren' cannot be trusted...ever. And remember too, this particular muslim islamic terrorist was known to the F.B.I. and deemed NOT to be a danger even though he had twice traveled to Saudi Arabia within the past 5 or so years.

Too much American blood has already been spilled on America's streets, and it's time 'We the People' stand united against a traitorous administration and say 'NO MORE!' Simply, it's NOT Israel that must be wiped off the map as islamists's NOT Western civilization that is the's the cult of islam that does NOT belong amongst the world of civilized men.

May the victims Rest in Everlasting Peace and may the shooter...the savage murdering 29-year old bast*rd Omar Mir Seddique Mateen...rot forever in hell.

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cimbri said...

Unfortunately, we only have one besieged guy, who happens to be our nominee, that seems to understand the problem. Trump was all alone all through the campaign, one lone figure being for a Muslim immigration halt. He has been criticized for it, mercilessly ever since, by Speaker Ryan, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church, the Catholic Church et al. What if every Republican candidate had been with Trump on this? Instead of leaving him out to fight this on his own? Okay, now we know, Trump was right again. Hopefully people will get it through their thick skulls and support the nominee.