Thursday, June 9, 2016

Trump's Bold Vision for Reshaping the Electoral Map may be Hampered by His Own 'Malpractice'

For much of his nearly year-old presidential campaign, Donald Trump bragged about his ability to best his Republican rivals without even hiring a pollster.
But after he quietly hired his first high-profile data analyst, The New York Times reported last week that the real-estate magnate is considering bringing on more pollsters to help him with a bold goal: Winning the Democratic-heavy state of New York.
While the Clinton campaign sees a map of 10 to 12 battleground states, including some Rust Belt states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, Trump's campaign claims he can be competitive in 15 states. That includes electorally rich, longtime Democratic strongholds like New York and California.
But contrary to Trump's grand vision for winning the election on the backs of white working-class voters in the Northeast, it's not clear this will prove to be a winning strategy. And he may, in the end, be hampered by his own campaign apparatus — or lack thereof.
"So far things are looking more simple than he is making out," Princeton University professor and polling expert Sam Wang told Business Insider.
Last week, a new series of Bloomberg state polls found that middle-income voters in Rust Belt states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio backed Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton over Trump by 7 points. The group of voters is a key bloc that represents a large portion of the electorate in northern Rust Belt states — nearly 40% of eligible voters who cast ballots in the three states in recent elections, according to Bloomberg.
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