Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ted Cruz's N.J. State Director 'Would Love to See' Delegate Revolt Against Trump at Convention

So would I Steve, So would I:
The Trump-publican Party is in turmoil. With various leaders attacking The Donald's recent comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel and Trump delaying his charitable contributions to veterans' groups, Republicans might seriously consider ousting their standard-bearer. That's exactly what the Ted Cruz campaign's former New Jersey state director said he "would love to see" at the Republican National Convention -- a delegate revolt.
Steve Lonegan, erstwhile state director for Ted Cruz's New Jersey campaign and former Republican senatorial candidate, told CNN on Tuesday that he could not vote for Trump or presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He called for a revolt at the convention in July in Cleveland, Ohio.
While Trump has received the required 1,237 delegates necessary to clinch the Republican nomination for president, those delegates are people, and they could decide to break their pledges and withdraw their support, or make their support conditional. This would be unprecedented, but Trump himself is also unprecedented.
Read the rest of the story HERE and listed to Lonegan's coments below ...Gotta love this guy ..

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cimbri said...

Cruz should get on board. He's very young. Trump goes 2 terms then Cruz can run in his 50s. He will be wiser and smarter by then. I think Trump's age gave him an edge over Cruz in the wisdom dept.