Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Foes Try to Create a Ballot Spot for a Challenger-To-Be-Named

The so-called #NeverTrump movement has not come up with a candidate to stop Donald Trump’s run for the White House, but a new group is trying to make sure that if they do, that candidate will have a place on ballots nationwide.
John Kingston, a longtime Republican donor and ally of Mitt Romney, has put up seed money for a new group called Better for America to get a spot on ballots for a presidential candidate to be named later.
“You have this moment this year that if you keep the option open, I believe there will be a time when the right American steps forward and says ‘this is country in crisis,’” Kingston told USA TODAY. “I’m basically keeping the option open for these folks.”
The group, which launched in mid-June, has begun petitioning for ballot access using Better for America as a party name, planning to add a candidate name later.
“You can get on a lot of state ballots with a party line, not a candidate line,” Kingston said.
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Anonymous said...

Romney. Romney. Romney.

Or Ben Sasse. Mike Lee. Even Ted Cruz.

Somebody please.

Let's not throw the party down the toilet.


RomneyMan said...

"Romney. Romney. Romney."

Wasn't thet the guy who ran last time, and the time before.

How did that work out?

"Ben Sasse. Mike Lee."

As President of the United States?

"Ted Cruz."

Isn't that the same guy who Trump just beat in the primaries, or is it a different Ted Cruz?

Anonymous said...

Majority of the party still does not want Trump.

He cannot get to Romney's 93% of repubs, or 55% of indies.

So yes, Anyone will do better, and we might possibly save the senate. But no matter what happens, we will at least save our principles.


RomneyMan said...

Everyone likes Trump.

cimbri said...

Trump is now ahead in the polls or even; this, after a crazed barrage from the Globalist cabal. Now with Brexit, it is Trump's destiny to become the president.

Anonymous said...

No, Trump is not ahead in the polls at all. There is a single poll showing leading. Other than that, Hillary has won the last 23 polls. And, he losing badly in most battleground states.