Sunday, June 26, 2016

Never say never? Anti-Trump forces gain steam in Georgia

Donald Trump’s paltry fundraising, his flailing poll numbers and his questionable campaign tactics are giving new energy to the rowdy band of Never Trump forces in Georgia.
They are pledging to maintain their resistance to their party’s standard-bearer at GOP meetings across the state, and some are urging delegates to next month’s convention in Cleveland to vote against him in a last-ditch effort to halt his coronation.
It would take a monumental collapse for Trump to lose his lock on the party’s nomination. The Never Trump movement has no leader, no funding and little organization. And yet there still could be an opening — however narrow — when thousands of delegates gather in Ohio.
Republican National Committeeman Randy Evans, a Georgia lawyer who helped shape the convention’s rules, said it’s implausible but not impossible to block Trump from winning the nomination.
“You’re counting on a lot to convince a party regular to throw the convention into chaos,” Evans said. “But I wouldn’t be telling you the truth to say that it’s not a realistic possibility — and that everyone is gearing up for it.”
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