Sunday, June 26, 2016

Donald Trump Is No Ronald Reagan

Photo: Chad Crowe
His supporters ought to stop saying he is, which comes off as desperate and historically illiterate.
It was at dinner a month ago in a Manhattan restaurant. Old friends who live far apart had come together on a leisurely spring night. But it turned testy fast.
I note here that the style of anti-Trumpers is often highhanded and manipulative, while the style of pro-Trumpers can be brutalist and patronizing. One couple, my old friends, had been for Marco Rubio and then John Kasich and were now enthusiastically for Donald Trump. Last year they hadn’t liked him, but now they thought wait, he’s the donkey we need to knock over the barn.
There was another couple, intellectuals, also pro-Trump but from early on, and with a certain edge. The lady of that couple, disliking recent criticism of Mr. Trump in these columns, was not jolly but defensive. She leaned in and said that what I didn’t understand was that Donald Trump is Ronald Reagan—an outsider, disliked by the elites, looked down on, a TV star. And yet he became . . . Reagan.
I hear this a lot, mostly from idiots, but this time I engaged.
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cimbri said...

We don't need Reagan, we need Trump. Reagan was okay for his era, although he made the immigration problem even worse.