Friday, June 17, 2016

Could the Republican Party Still Dump Trump This July?

First it was his race-based attack on a federal judge. Now, it's Donald Trump's bald politicization of the Orlando terror attack that has his fellow Republicans cringing – and worse.
It's been over a month since his last remaining competitors – Ted Cruz and John Kasich – bowed out of the race, and it seems that the majority of the Republican establishment has accepted what seems to be the inevitable: Donald Trump will be the party's nominee in the general election this November.
But even in these last few weeks before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Trump has continued to frequently make controversial remarks; most notably, he claimed that an American judge, Gonzalo Curiel, couldn't do his job because of his Mexican heritage (Curiel is the judge appointed to precede over the talked-about Trump University case.)
The backlash kept on coming over the weekend, when Trump tweeted, "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!", which received bipartisan disapproval. As the critiques keep growing, the question more and more Republicans are begging is this: Is there a way for Trump to not be the nominee?
Who wants to #DumpTrump?
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Once the GOP asked him to sign the pledge, they made a gentleman's agreement. "Support the nominee and support the platform*, no third party bids." He agreed to it, but so did they. Now, we know that by the "old" (2012) rules, he has made the cut for a first ballot vote. But Curly Haugland says "hold on", the new rules come into play AFTER the start of the convention, but before balloting. Haugland is only one rules committee member, but he has a "following" "out there". His message is "conscience". Apparently, by conscience, he means a delegate's conscience on the first ballot. I can safely assume that "conscience" has nothing to do with the GOP popular vote, in Haugland's dictionary. Given that Trump was leading BEFORE the closest rivals suspended, the popular GOP vote favors Trump, which is why he is being treated by the RNC as "the presumptive nominee", even if they (some) think of him as some kind of red-headed step child. or Enfant terrible. Haugland is in effect, saying the same thing as the Democrats said about their superdelegate set-up. "“Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists. " Haugland is saying that history supports the idea that most often, delegates were never "pledged" as a result of a GOP popular vote. He also has said that even though he's 'right', he doesn't expect his plan to change the current convention rules accordingly to work this transformation from "pledged" to unpledged. Bear in mind, that the GOP and the RNC are private organizations, and their nominee has a big role in forming the platform, and in leading the party, but it isn't absolute. Their "elections" are not governmental. This is a club. Like all clubs, nothing can force rank and file to stay or donate. Trump may have to accept the outcome, but registered Republicans do not. They can vote with their feet. Trump's stated goal is to beat Hillary. Nevertrump's stated goal is to beat Trump, even if it means that Hillary wins. For this, Nevertrump claims "the high moral ground" even though it will tear a large hole in the party, guarantee a Democrat victory, destroy Originalism's chances in the court, and threaten the Bill of Rights and the physical safety of the people, as sovereignty is traded off for open borders, globalism, and collectivism in a nanny state. I propose that we look at what CS Lewis said about "moral busibodies". I also propose that nevertrump folk reconsider whether, in fact, Trump supporters might not actually be the knuckle dragging mouth breathers after all. Maybe we are wicked smart.

cimbri said...

Joyce, I'm a Trump supporter and am perfectly willing to help build a big 3rd party, with a new Trump news network in the background, providing support, similar to Fox/GOP. They have treated us like mangy dogs, who wants to stick around, anyway.