Saturday, May 7, 2016

If Trump destroys GOP, he may take DNC down with him

A demonstration in Los Angeles on May 1, 2016.
(Photo: Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty Images)
How will Democrats run against a Republican Party that also advocates entitlements and trade barriers?
If the Republican Party dies, will it take the Democrats with it?
George Will, among others, predicts that if Donald Trump wins the nomination and the presidency — the first, not much of an "if" after Indiana, the second quite a large one — it will destroy the Republican Party. I think he’s probably right, though it depends what you mean by “destroy.” There would still be something called the Republican Party under a President Trump; it just won’t be the same anymore.
This sort of thing happens all the time in business and entertainment. 3M started out as a mining company; now it makes sticky notes (and seemingly a trillion other things). Maybe giving Trump the lead vocals of the GOP will be like when Van Halen replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar — not the same band, but pretty successful all the same.
That’s a bad analogy, of course. Because Hagar was a good frontman with the full support of his band. Give Trump the mic, and a lot of the most talented people in the Republican Party will drop their instruments and walk off the stage.
But a lot of new people might like the show. The Trump campaign points to all the working-class Democrats and independents flocking to his message, nowhere more so than in Indiana on Tuesday. If they’re successful, the GOP won’t be the party of limited government and free markets anymore. Instead, it will be more like a party of a kind of statist white-identity politics, of the sort that is common across much of Europe. White folks can play the multiculturalism game, too.
“Are you black? Are you Hispanic? Are you gay?” Trump ideologist Roger Stone once asked Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf. When Sheinkopf said, “No,” Stone replied, “Then why the f--- are you a Democrat? You should be with us.”
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Eric Fisher said...

They really need to disband the Republican party it's over for them.

cimbri said...

It would be awesome if Trump could lead the GOP back to its roots - strong pro-business and free enterprise, coupled with protection of US economic interests domestically. Make the NWO and the Bushes just a bad memory.

Look at whats happened since the advent of free trade = $20T debt, high numbers of people out of the workforce. The Federal Reserve and the Dollar as reserve currency, are the main tools keeping us afloat. Once those interest rates go up again, we won't be able to service the debt. We need very bold leadership and Trump is the right man at the right time.